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Mon, Mar 25, 2019

Las Vegas Magazine

In Las Vegas, nightclubs have set the standard in form and function, fancy and fun for the rest of the world. At the end of last year, the city won again with the opening of On the Record at Park MGM. However, this nightclub—the 14th in the brand portfolio of L.A.’s nightclub impresarios Mark and Jonnie Houston—brings with it a breath of fresh air and a design funkiness that you’ll excitedly discover with each step inside the multiroom, 11,000-square-foot space.

While “bigger is better” dominated Vegas nightlife these past years, OTR takes it back to “intimate is idyllic.”

It’s all about nostalgia and music here. The design conjures different musical eras. Walls throughout the club are lined with actual speakers, radios and TVs, as well as concert posters from different genres and decades. Four spots throughout the club are equipped for live musical performances—everything from hip-hop bands, rock, indie and more; if you’re looking for EDM DJs, this might not be your spot. However, there are DJ performances—White Shadow (Feb. 1) and Just Blaze (Feb. 8)—from a booth made out of a sliced-in-half Rolls Royce.

The main room has a lit-up dance floor, banquette-style VIP tables and three private karaoke rooms. The Living Room space is just that—it has a lived-in vibe with a full bar and access to the patio. The patio has one of the coolest features in the club—an actual double-decker bus equipped with a bar and DJ booth.

o find the speakeasy, step through the red telephone box and walk along the hallway lined with old cassette tapes. The hidden passageway opens into the Vinyl Parlor where up to 25 guests can sip on song-inspired cocktails. This is also the room where OTR hosts its bartender residencies—top bartenders from around the country set up shop behind the bar and create their own signature cocktails. Feb. 1-2, catch San Francisco’s Kevin Dietrich from Pacific Cocktail Haven. He’ll be whipping up the Oh Snap! cocktail, inspired by the Avicii song “Without You.” It’s a blend of gin, Manzanilla sherry, fresh lemon, absinthe and sugar snap peas.

Park MGM, opens at 10 p.m. Wed. & Fri.-Sat. 702.730.6773